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Review: Friday the 13th The Game – a computer game in the genre Survival horror developed by American companies IllFonic and Gun Media and published by Gun Media.  The game is based on a franchise with the same name owned by New Line Cinema.  The game was released on May 26 2017 on Microsoft Windows Xbox One and PlayStation 4. By the summer of 2017 developers are also planning to release a single-player game mode.

Friday the 13th Game Overview:

The place of action of the game will be the fictional camp “Crystal Lake” from the series of films “Friday the 13th”.  Events unfold in the 1980s.

In multiplayer mode eight people can play in one session.  One of the players (chosen randomly) will control Jason while the other camp leaders will try to hide from the killer.  Jason will have enhanced hearing and excellent vision and he will be able to teleport to various places at the player’s will (depending on the image of Jason the killer will walk or run).  The game ends when Jason kills all the players or when the survivors escape from the maniac going beyond the edges of the location under the conditions
     Players must repair the car or boat by finding the right components in the house (gasoline keys and battery) and leave on one of them on the road or on the lake.
     The player will need to call the police through a landline phone after having established the connection and finding the necessary detail and after 5 minutes an evacuation point will be available that will save Jason from walking.
     Hold for 20 minutes.
     Kill Jason.  To do this players need to perform a number of tasks among them – to find the sweater Pamela Vurhiz (Jason’s mother) call Tommy Jarvis and get a machete.

More From Friday the 13th Game:

Originally the game was called Slasher Vol.  1 Summer Camp.  The story was different from the one that will be released in the final version.  After several meetings and negotiations with the director of the movie “Friday the 13th” by Sean Cunningham Gun Media successfully acquired the rights.  The game acquired the title Friday the 13th The Game.  At Kickstarter and BackerKit developers managed to raise about $ 1.1 million to become the 106th successor of the kraudfandin project of all time.

Friday the 13th Game

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