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Review: FIFA 18 Free Download is the 25th football game from the FIFA 18 game Full Version Free Download series developed for Windows platforms Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game was released by Electronic Arts on September 29 2017.  The face of the game is the footballer of Madrid “Real” and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo.

FIFA 18 Game Overview:

In this new edition EA Sports decided to improve the positioning of the players.  Artificial intelligence has improved and now every team for which you will play will choose its own tactics.  For example FC Barcelona will choose Tiki-taka tactics while Real Madrid will play against the attack.  FIFA 18 recreates the identity of each player on the field taking into account aggressiveness determination or a collective aspect.

In one of the demonstration videos of FIFA 18 during the match between the teams of Boca Juniors and River Plate parts of the field near the sectors of the ultras were strewn with toilet paper and snatches of banners.  Such elements should add atmospheres to football matches and also make the FIFA 18 simulator even more realistic.  In addition fans will now move around the stands get into camera lenses and get detailed faces.  Also the developers promised that in the final version of FIFA 18 they will add a celebration of the heads with the fans the scoring player can not simply run up to the sector but rush into the arms to the fans.

Also on August 12 it was announced that there will now be press conferences with coaches and players in the game as well as the rewards of the players and coaches of the month in the home leagues source not specified 69 days

In total 51 national teams are present in FIFA 18 of which 32 are fully licensed and 19 more are partially licensed – they have real players and players but unlicensed forms and emblems.  Compared with FIFA 17 in the game included the national team of Iceland the national team of New Zealand and the national team of Saudi Arabia but for the first time in the history of the FIFA game series the Russian team was licensed 2.  Also in FIFA 18 are 15 national women’s teams.

More From FIFA 18 Game:

The game has 50 licensed stadiums.  In comparison with FIFA 17 four new stadiums have been added Vanda Metropolitano (new arena of Madrid “Atletico”) English Amex (for Premier League “Brighton and Hove Albion”) and Kerklis (for “Huddersfield Town”) as well as Stabhab  Center the stadium “Los Angeles Galaxy” speaking in the MLS.  From the new version of the game stadiums Signal Iduna Park (due to the fact that Dortmund “Borussia” has concluded an exclusive agreement with Konami 3) Vicente Calderón (Madrid “Atletico” moved to the new stadium) Mestalla and White Hart Lane (demolished)  “Tottenham” temporarily holds their matches at Wembley).  In addition to licensed arenas the game includes 25 generated stadiums the list of which has not changed compared to the previous parts of the game.

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