Far Cry Primal Game

Review: Far Cry Primal Game (Far Edge Primal) – a computer game in the action-adventure genre with the structure of an open world Developed by Ubisoft Montreal with the support of Ubisoft Toronto Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Shanghai for the PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.

Far Cry Primal Game Overview:

The game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 23 February 2016 2.  Version for Microsoft Windows published March 1 2016 3.  Unlike other games of the series Far Cry Far Cry of Primal events take place in the Stone Age ten thousand years BC.

Story and GamePlay Far Cry Primal Game:

The game takes place about ten thousand years ago during the early Mesolithic in the fictional country of Urus where the tribes for their survival has to be in conflict c nature and with each other every day. 4  Players take on the role of a hunter named Thakkar he destroyed the last of the tribe who travels the Urus country in search of revenge for his people.

Since the action of Primal Far Cry takes place in prehistoric times the usual series of games Far Cry sophisticated weapons and vehicles in the game are missing. For players available only weapon for close combat spears bludgeons and guns with a small firing range such as bows.  At the same time it can not buy the players will have to create their own weapons using the materials at hand such as wood and stone.  As you progress in the game they can improve on the more lethal and effective weapons. 8  In addition to the clubs spears and bows Thakkar can use against enemies of various domesticated animals including saber-toothed tigers cave bears and wolves. 9  Hand owl is Thakkar intelligence allowing to detect enemies from afar.  If one of the pets Thakkar dies it can be brought back to life by finding and using the Red List Thakkar will lead a life of Stone Age man to hunt for animals handicrafts in various materials and tools to make war with other tribes. The Urus country there are different regions with different climates and different dangers for the player – so cold in the snowy regions of the planet Thakkar can freeze and should warm up by the fire or to make warm clothes or a hug or a mammoth tiger.

For total immersion in the game world all dialogues are recorded on a primitive language which is based on Proto-Indo-lay.  They are supplemented by subtitles.

Far Cry Primal Game

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