Fade to Silence Game

Review: In Fade to Silence you will survive in the severe post-apocalyptic winter.  The protagonist Ash will not only destroy the monsters and explore the vast snowy world but also look for other surviving residents who will be able to help in the construction and protection of asylum.  Each of your new companions will have their own abilities and character.  With the help of them you will be able to open new equipment and resources.
Fade to Silence offers users to try to “survive in a ruthless winter when you have to fight not only with hunger and monsters but also with nature itself.”  In the role of “born leader” Ash (Ash) they have to explore the land on which after the world catastrophe the eternal winter reigned.  Collecting the resources needed to build a shelter and improve equipment they will encounter monsters but not this most terrible – even more dangerous is the weather.  To survive during a blizzard will only help perseverance and luck.
Fade to Silence – A video showing 5 minutes of the gameplay
Even during the exhibition The Games Awards 2017 company THQ Nordic announced a survival project called Fade to Silence in which you will play for a character named Ash and survive in a world devastated by a catastrophe.

Thanks to the portal IGN you have the opportunity to learn the whole five minutes of the gameplay.  You will be able to see trips on wolf-sleds battles with quite dangerous monsters the process of improving the village hunting for wild animals events during which it is necessary to protect the settlement and the equipment of the protagonist.

According to the developers people will have to explore the snow-covered wastelands (in the first version of the game will be available delta rivers dense forests and cultivated fields with a total area of ​​8 square kilometers) to save and attract some NP.

Fade to Silence Game

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