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Review: Empire Total War Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link. Free Download Empire Total War Full Version Game 100% Working For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit Direct Link iso Complete Setup file. it is a computer game in the genre of turn-based strategy and military tactics developed by The Creative Assembly.  The fifth game in the series Total War devoted to a period of modern times in the XVIII century.

Empire Total War Game Overview:

The gameplay is traditional for the games of the Total War series and is a mixture of turn-based strategy and tactics in real time.  State management (in the terminology of Total War – “faction”) occurs on the strategic map in a step-by-step mode.  The game begins in 1700 and ends in 1799 (but will be given the opportunity to play further) one move is equal to half a year.  Battles occur in real time on a tactical map.  It is possible to conduct a battle in automatic mode without loading a tactical map.

The game describes a period of fierce imperialism colonization exploration of the world and distant wars.  The game covers the entire XVIII century and the player is given the task of managing one faction for domination over Europe North Africa America the Middle East and India.  For the first time in the series the player can personally take part in sea battles.

Although more than 50 factions will participate in the game only some of them will be available to the player.  Most of the factions are available initially others (for example the USA Norway Punjab and others) may arise during the game 2.

More From Empire Total War Game:

The other factions are mainly secondary powers including the protectorates of the metropolitan countries the separated and small states (including the less powerful German and Italian powers the Indian tribes and the North African countries).  They vary in size from the powerful Empire of the Great Moguls to the Order of St. John whose territory includes only the island of Malta.  Not all powers are present in the game initially.  For example Afghanistan is at first the territory of Persia.  If to destroy the Persians having seized their capital then the Afghans will ask the liberator to recognize their status as an independent state.  Also remote colonies (in America or India) can rebel against the mother country and establish their own state.

In addition to the main three parts of the world (Europe North America and India) the game also has four so-called trading regions East India Ivory Coast Madagascar Straits and the Brazilian coast.  These regions can not be inhabited or captured.  Instead states send merchant ships there which generate profits upon arrival.  These ships have rather small arms (with the exception of Spanish galleons) and they must be protected from attack by competing powers that want to monopolize trade in this or that region and pirates.

Also the government of the player’s faction may change during the campaign since at that time there was an increase in democratic views.  For example the United States can only appear if the rulers of this territory can not maintain public order.  Another example is the French Revolution which will happen only if the French people become dissatisfied with their ruler (a similar revolution can happen in any faction).  Each played faction will have its own goals in the game including the foundation of successful colonies trade routes and domination by certain regions.

In each province there are three types of population the nobility the bourgeoisie and the poor but in every government system only two matter.  The bourgeoisie is not present in absolute monarchy the poor in the constitutional monarchy and the nobles in the republic.  To change the state system it is necessary to rebel in the capital province (in any other it’s just a local riot).  In this case the player is given the choice to take the side of the revolutionaries or defend the capital from the rebels.  With a successful revolution the government system varies depending on the previous one as well as on the class of insurgent citizens / subjects.  For example if the poor peasants rise under absolute monarchy then the republic will triumph over their victory.

Each government system has a number of advantages and disadvantages (from the point of view of the player).  With absolute monarchy the appointment of ministers is entirely at the mercy of the player.  Also has a larger effect of the presence of military in cities.  But at the same time the poor population is adversely affected by the buildings that denote the process of the Industrial Revolution as well as studies in the field of state institutions.  The constitutional monarchy is the “golden mean” – the player still has the opportunity to personally choose ministers the bourgeoisie is not so heavily influenced by industrial buildings and research but the overwhelming effect of the army on the population is reduced.  Under the republic a player needs to hold elections every four years.  During elections the head of state and the Cabinet of Ministers change (although the player can still fire certain ministers or hold elections early).  On the other hand the presence of industrial buildings and research does not in the least affect the poor (this can be explained by the presence of trade unions and better living conditions).  Here is a detailed table about the pros and cons of state structures.

Empire Total War Game

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