El Matador Game

Review: El Matador is a video game in the genre of third-person shooter developed by Plastic Reality Technologies and published by Cenega Publishing September 26 2006. In Russia the game is localized and published by 1C.

El Matador Game Overview:

The game takes place in Colombia.  The player assumes the role of an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Victor Corbet nicknamed El Matador which together with its allies to confront the organization calling itself la Valedora engaged in drug trafficking.  The game has the ability to use time-lapse mode Bullet time and perform jumps with deceleration and shooting take two weapons in both hands similar to Max Payne.  The game has realistic physics in particular to implement the elements destructible environments bullets can fly through the board and when shooting at metal surfaces fly away from them making it possible to kill an enemy who is behind cover.

Plot El Matador Game:

The protagonist of the game the DEA agent Victor Corbet returns from training camp and learns that his brother was killed and the drug mafia hitman hired from South America.

At the funeral director DEA unit asks Corbett to finish the work begun by his brother.  This becomes known criminals and they “bought” Hero group of highly professional killers.  Gradually Corbett becomes aware that the case which investigated his brother involved many more people than he had expected among which also includes management and staff.

More From El Matador Game:

In general the game received mixed reviews received by Metacritic rating of 54%. 1  IGN gave the game a 5.3 estimate saying 9 2 “If you have never played in Max Payne 2 and are looking for some unique third-person shooter with a silly plot and control worthy try El Matador�.  1UP gave the game an assessment �C� and a rating of 50% he said “The plot of El Matador characters and gameplay have not added anything new to the genre.  In the game there is nothing much wrong with that but there is nothing good that could be remembered. “9 4  Russian magazine “Gambling” game called as. “Tech but insipid rehash of Max Payne successfully compensating for the absence of the alleged plot solid gameplay and nice graphics” 10

El Matador Game

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