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Review: DiRT 4 Game Free Download Full Version Complete Racing Game in a single direct link. DiRT 4 Free Download Full Game For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit 100% Working Game is a rally-themed racing video game developed by Codemasters. It is the twelfth game in the Colin McRae Rally series and the sixth title to carry the Dirt name. 

DiRT 4 Game Overview:

Through the roar of the engine you hear the voice of the navigator reading the transcript from his notebook.  Spray mud thick layer cover the windshield and interfere with concentrating on the track.  It remains only to confide in your experience and almost blindly at a huge speed to enter the next turn that separates you from the finish line.  Only after some time before you can hear the applause of the fans and there comes the realization that you have bypassed all rivals and won the race.  These feelings are well known to fans of the series of autosimulators DiRT.  Today we will talk with you about the game Dirt 4 released in early June for the platforms Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC.

DiRT 4 GamePlay:

British studio Codemasters for 20 years pleased the fans of rally racing with their wonderful games.  The DiRT series has grown from the once popular franchise Colin McRae Rally.  After the legendary racer Colin McRae lost his tragic death in 2007 his family revoked the right to use his name in the headlines of video games so the developers had nothing to do but to rename their new game from Colin McRae DiRT 2 to DiRT 2. After  followed by DiRT 3 DiRT Showdown and DiRT Rally which I told you by the way last year.  The fourth number game of the series was created with the direct participation of legendary rally racing drivers Chris Mike and Petter Sulberg.
As a bonus the developers built in the game mode “Joyride” which includes 60 tests in two categories.  You will be able to pass the trails for a time or at a speed to knock down the square layouts placed on it.  There is also a free regime so to speak for the soul in which you will be able to drive on various locations and just have fun.  For beginners of the series I strongly advise you to pay attention to the DiRT Academy mode.  Here you will be shown 27 video tutorials that teach driving explain how to properly brake and enter corners how to carry the weight of the car how to behave when aquaplaning and how on the routes with different coatings and under different weather conditions.  After the demonstration is over the game will prompt you to run the knowledge into practice.  In the previous game DiRT Rally no “practical part” was not.

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