Deadfall Adventures Game

Review: Deadfall Adventures Game is a video game in the genre of action-adventure with elements of 3D-shooter and logic games.  The game was published in 2013 for Windows and Xbox 360 in 2014 it was ported to Linux and PlayStation 3.

Deadfall Adventures Game Review:

The game takes place in 1938 in the universe of Allan Quatermain created by Henry Haggard. 1938  The great-grandson of the famous adventurer Allan Quatermain James Lee Quartermean travels with the US government agent to Egypt in search of an ancient artifact called “The Heart of Atlantis.”  However it turns out that this goal is pursued not only by them …

Game process Deadfall Adventures Game:

The game consists of four large levels each of which the hero’s task is to find the hidden treasures (although this is not a prerequisite for passing).

Also at levels you need to solve puzzles.  For example you need to direct light from mirrors so that it converges at a certain point;  This will move the slab and open access to the sarcophagus.  There are logical elements – for example you need to use dynamite to blow up the construction blocking the path or find the lever to activate the elevator.

Deadfall Adventures Game Full Version:

There are three types of treasures in the game.  Found artifacts allow you to replenish the level of health and stamina.  Search for treasure helps the compass and solve puzzles – Alan’s notebook.  Also the hero can use a flashlight with which you can overcome the dark areas of the level and damage some enemies.

The character is opposed by a variety of opponents – in particular soldiers and monsters.  To destroy them different weapons are used.  Enemies can be lured into traps.

At the beginning of the game the hero is armed with two FN Auto-5 revolvers and Thompson’s machine then it becomes possible to pick up the MP-38 grenades and other weapons.

Criticism and feedback

The game was met ambiguously by both critics and players.  The main complaints were in particular puzzles which despite the rather high complexity were solved relatively easily due to the presence of a notebook with tips because of which the puzzles “lost meaning.”  On the Metacritic website the total score of the game according to the players’ reviews was 53%. reviewers compared the game to the Tomb Raider series.  Critics rated the first part of the game more positively than the second noting the relative simplicity of puzzles.  The presence of monsters (for example mummies) was met positively as they “make the gameplay more interesting”.  Also critics liked the “linearity” of the levels despite the presence of additional workarounds.  At the same time the soundtrack (namely the voice of the heroes) and game physics received negative reviews 4.

Information site based on the reviews of other sites put the game score of 45 points out of 100 5.

Deadfall Adventures Game

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