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Review: Dead by Daylight Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link. Free Download Dead by Daylight Game Full Version 100% Working Game in Single Direct Link 100% Work it is a computer game in the genre survival horror with a first and third person view developed by the Canadian company Behaviour Interactive on the engine Unreal Engine 4. Game  was released on Steam on June 14 2016.

The player is invited to play for one of the eleven victims Dwight Fairfield Meg Thomas Claudette Morel Jake Park Neu Karlsson Lori Stroud Ace Visconti William “Bill” Overbeck Feng Ming David King Quentin Smith or killers.

Dead by Daylight Game Game process

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer game in the genre of survival horror which uses the view from the first (for the killer) and the third person (for the survivors).  A group of survivors from one to four people appears in the location at night.  The aim of the survivors is to find and switch on from two to five (depending on the number of survivors) generators and the subsequent escape from the map (through one of the two gates or through the hatch that opens if the victim remains alone but at least two generators are repaired or  the player has the Skeleton Key with which you can open the hatch yourself and let others escape to this hatch if you are not alone).  Another player who is a killer must find and kill all survivors by hanging himself on a hook or with his own hands (if you take an offering of Memento Mori).  When the killer approaches the survivor the victim hears a heartbeat and an awesome melody (the killer does not hear them).  The closer the killer the louder the heart beats the survivor which gives the latter the opportunity to escape or hide before the assassin comes.  Survivors can use some tricks such as dark places cabinets narrow openings as well as various subjects and skills so as not to get caught by the killer.  Also during the chase the victim can overturn the barricades through which the killer can not pass until it breaks them.  The killer in turn sees through the whole map an explosion from an unsuccessful repair of the generator triggering a trap (if the assassin is a Hunter) triggering a phantom trap (if the killer is a Witch) removing the survivor from the hook the place where the survivor broke the hook  windows and barriers rollover of wooden pallets and quick jumps in lockers.  And the killer and the survivors of the whole map see where the generator was mended where the caught survivor hangs on the hook where the wounded survivor is lying (the killer sees him only if he has the “Deer Hunter” skill also if the killer has a special perk  reducing the radius of the display of a lying survivor the survivors will not be able to see it) where the gate to escape was opened.  Survivors can shoot each other off the hooks neutralize and break (having the skill of the “destroyer” or the box with the intuments) traps burn the phantom trap traps and cut the hooks with tools or having the skill of the “destroyer” pull the victim out of the traps treat the injured without  first-aid kit and myself either with a first aid kit or with the help of the “Doctor’s Self” skill without a first aid kit.

Dead by Daylight Game Characters:

Characters are pumped into the Bloodweb spending blood points (similar to experience points) on obtaining items upgrades and one-off offerings.  Items improvements offerings and skills are 5 kinds of rarity – ordinary (brown) unusual (yellow) rare (green) very rare (purple) ultra rare (crimson) and trained (orange).  The quality of “Learned” belongs only to Skills.  Skills are also called Perks.

Beginning at level 10 the Entity appears in the Bloody Web a creature that takes the killer sacrifices (limbs that pierce the victim on the hook) it eats up some nodes of items / upgrades / offerings and skills before the player receives them.  This fact can be used by the player to speed up the acquisition of new levels.

Beginning at level 30 the bloodweb (Bloodweb) has trained perks (skills).  If you buy such a perk (skill) then it will be available to other characters (in their own Bloodweb).

All items when used spend part of their charge.  If the survivor has spent the subject in the match or has died the item disappears.  Together with the object disappear and improve.  Also if you use a white spell then when you die you will have an item and improvements to it.  The offerings can only be used for one match and disappear in any way.

The item found by the survivor during the match in the chest and not used until the end or the item taken by the survivors at the beginning of the match and not used until the end will be returned to him with all the improvements he took with him at the beginning of the match or found with the item in the chest with  using the Ace Visconti skill “Ace in the sleeve”.

Dead by Daylight Game

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