Curse at Twilight Thief of Souls Game

Review: Curse at Twilight Thief of Souls Game “SoftKlab” also known as “1C-SoftKlab” – the largest 1 Russian company engaged in the development localization publishing and distribution of computer and console games on the territory of Russia CIS and Eastern Europe 2.  It emits the official Russian version of the game on the PC PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One PS Vita PlayStation Portable and Wii.  It works in conjunction with the “1C” company.

Curse at Twilight Thief of Souls Game Overview:

The first Russian company which has started to translate the game not only for PC but also for video game consoles (ruler Xbox Nintendo and PlayStation).  At the end of 2014 the company “SoftKlab” held about 80% of the CIS market. 3

About Curse at Twilight Thief of Souls Game company:

The company was founded in 1994 in Moscow under the name “SoftKlab”.  February 24 2009 4 announced a merger with the company “1C” 5.
It cooperates with many foreign developers of computer games publishers including Electronic Arts Activision Konami Capcom Sega and with Russian companies “Buka” “New Disc” “Akella” “Russobit M”  GFI and in particular with “1C” and Snowball Studios which formed a joint venture company “1C-SoftKlab”.
Since 2006 annually takes part in a large-scale exhibition of Russian video games IgroMir.
Since 2010 a Sony Computer Entertainment official exclusive distributor in Russia 6.
In late August 2014 the company was renamed “SoftKlab” 7 8.

Curse at Twilight Thief of Souls Game

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