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Review: Cry Of Fear Game an unofficial modification for the computer game Half-Life created in 2012 by the Swedish team of mods developers Team Psykskallar 1;  In 2013 the modification was released on Steam in the format of a free self-game.  The player takes on the role of 19-year-old Simon Henrikson who according to the story must find his way home.

Cry Of Fear Game Overview:

The game was officially released only for the operating system Microsoft Windows.

19-year-old Simon Henrikkson wanted to help the wounded man and was deliberately hit by a car.  After this incident he began to suffer from paralysis and now has to move in a wheelchair.  In addition the hero suffers from depression panic disorders and addiction to drugs.  His psychologist Dr. Purnell comes up with a new method of treatment Simon must write down his emotions and his current mood in the book in order to overcome the psychological trauma.

More From Cry Of Fear Game:

In this book Simon does not depend on his wheelchair.  He wakes up one night in the center of Stockholm not knowing what happened before.  He wanders aimlessly through the streets of the city trying to navigate.  Over time the character meets monsters who seek to kill him including a doctor with a gas mask (a distorted version of Dr. Purnell) a man with a saw and other villains.

At some point in his journey he meets on the roof of the building Sophie his former classmate.  After a long conversation with her Simon confesses to her in love but Sophie rejects him then confesses that she feels misunderstood by everyone and commits suicide.  The main character on the phone comes a message from his mother who calls him home referring to the fact that it’s too late.  He decides to go by subway to the suburb of Kirkville where his mother lives but the train got off the rails.  Simon manages to avoid falling on the collapsing bridge but he loses his bag.  Without weapons and a flashlight he must get to Kirkville at night through the forest.

Cry Of Fear Game FREE:

In an abandoned psychiatric hospital Simon meets a doctor in a gas mask which is behind a locked gate and seems to be waiting for him.  He promises if Simon will bring him a loaded pistol which is hidden in the building the doctor will give him the key to leaving the hospital.  Simon may agree to give the gun to the doctor referring to the fact that he is not loaded or not to give the gun on the basis of distrust of him.  If the player gave the gun to the doctor he will be grateful to Simon that he can trust him or vice versa the doctor will be disappointed in Simon because he does not believe him.  In both cases the doctor throws Simon’s key through the grate and while he raises the key he shoots his right shoulder and hides.  Later Simon finds the doctor in the attic and a shooting begins during which Simon triumphs and tramples the doctor’s head with his boot.  After that he leaves the clinic through the back door.

After making his way through the sewers and after another (this time last) meeting with the man with a chainsaw he finds himself in Kirkvill his native suburb.  Reaching home Simon does not find anyone there.  Rising to the second floor Simon enters his room and sees an open book on the chair.  Having started to read it the player will move to the last nightmare where he will confront the true Simon or his “book double”.

Cry Of Fear Game

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