Crime Life Gang Wars Game

Review: Free Download Crime Life Gang Wars Full Version PC Action Adventure Shooting PC game in a single direct link 100% working Game. Crime Life Gang Wars Free download Full Version For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit it was published under the name “Crime Life Street Wars” – a computer game in the genre of action developed by Hothouse Creations (is the last game of the studio) published by Konami.  
The game is a simulation of gangster wars the gameplay of which is tied up in street battles between the numerous members of various factions.  The game has more than 25 story missions and many additional tasks characteristic of the open world (the seizure of territories etc.).  The soundtrack of the game was written by such performers as D12 Dame Dek The Raw Doom Man Doppeldecker Frattelli B Guvnor P Leif & Direkt Mnemonic PHEAR Pyro Ryu Seyi Spax Styblik T-Baby.  Despite the large number of tracks some of them are not activated anywhere during the game but any game track can always be included in the game menu.  Also in the game there are bonus materials for the opening of which you need to perform some actions in the game interviews with participants of D12 and concept art.

Crime Life Gang Wars Game Plot:

The game story begins in the fictional city of Grand Central City which was swept by a wave of lawlessness.  The narrative is conducted on behalf of a young black boy with the moniker Tre.  He was summoned to Grand Central by cousin Daryl so that Tre joined the “Untouchables” gang.  The third takes initiation and is taken to the gang.  The player immediately reported that the influence of the gang in the city deteriorated.  The main opponents of the “Untouchables” – “The Thugs” have already begun to slowly invade the area of ​​the “Untouchables”.  Tre has to return the “Untouchable” influence and earn respect.

Crime Life Gang Wars Game process:

Like the GTA series the game is an action from 3 persons.  The main emphasis in the game is on fights.  Almost every task has to fight someone.  The combat system consists of two hits (fast but weak and slow but strong) capture special reception brutal reception block finishing and state of rage.  Spetspriem and brutal use of energy which is filled in the process of battle.  You can accomplish this when the enemy has little health.  The state of rage can be activated when the rage scale is filled.  In this state Tre increases running speed as well as speed and attack power.  The game has partners managed by artificial intelligence.  Their behavior is determined by a simple set of commands.  In the game there is also a firearm (although they will present it almost to the very end of the game).  There is a police in the game which although it does not react to the gang war will pursue the player for other offenses.
Crime Life Gang Wars Game

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