Creature Conflict The Clan Wars Game

Review: Creature Conflict The Clan Wars Game is the The war of animals on spherical planets continues – already in German.  In the new demo version one training mission and two missions from the campaigns are available.  The tasks inside are explained in German so if you have problems with it – download the demo at your own peril and risk.  Can not understand …

Creature Conflict The Clan Wars Game Overview:

This Xtreme Repack is not an absolute copy of the original but weighs 204 MB less.  In order to save your time and traffic we crossed four videos and two music tracks.  We put the video-originals in an additional archive which you can download after you start playing.  The music was compressed into the Vorbis OGG format with the quality = 6 parameter so you would not notice the difference with the giant WAV files.

Creature Conflict The Clan Wars Game

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