Codename Outbreak Game

Review: Codename Outbreak Game is a computer game in the genre of tactical 5 first-person shooter developed by GSC Game World and published by Russobit-M 1.  Development began in January 1999 the output was planned for the second quarter of 2000 5 but was subsequently postponed to October 8 2001.

Codename Outbreak Game Overview:

The game takes place in 2034 when the Earth nearly died from a collision with a comet and hundreds of meteorites which fell like a fiery rain to the surface carrying death and destruction.  Along with meteorites spores of a foreign form of life were brought to Earth which quickly developed under terrestrial conditions.  From appearing here and there cocoons creep out creatures attacking people and with a successful attempt to parasitize them.  The first victims are scientists who were engaged in the study of extraterrestrial rocks and organisms as well as guards of the scientific base and mobile mobile groups.  The task of the player is to collect as much as possible information about what happened to save the surviving scientists and to stop the spread of the infection.

More From Codename Outbreak Game:

The player has to play immediately for two characters directly leading one and giving commands to another.  Between the characters you can switch which allows you to bring one to the enemies leave in ambush and act different fully controlling the situation and not relying on the artificial intelligence of a partner.

Codename Outbreak Game

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