Clustertruck Game

Review: Clustertruck Game is runner-platformer in the first person where the player will run and jump on a truck with a trailer.  Before the player stand up obstacles in the form of colliding with each other trucks various rocks trees giant spinning wheel in the sky and laser fences.
The range of computer projects that have attracted its plot and gameplay updated regularly and now in front of you next novelty.  She is represented by Landfall Games refers to indie projects and is called Clustertruck.  Getting to the game get ready for an amazing gameplay.  You controlling your hero will jump on the waggons by all means and agility to move away from the collision and obstacles to overcome obstacles which the developers have prepared a huge amount.  Against you will be directed to the lasers in your side will fly different fragments truck overturns and that’s not all.  Your life will be a real threat but in order to survive and win in the project you must act quickly confidently accurately.
In the computer project Clustertruck the players need to show the speed and instant reaction to events.  Gamers will be able to take part in a mad race trucks whose behavior on the road is very unpredictable and very dangerous.  a collision will occur between them many cars will fall into a very serious accident to fly off the track fall into various traps.  In general all is not as on ordinary roads.  Players have to make decisions very quickly to respond to any unexpected situation and try as much as possible to use these crazy truck during the rescue.  Have even jump on the roofs.

Total game provides about 100 levels all of which allow the player to visit about a dozen virtual worlds.  To participate in the game project you must pay the cost of $ 10.  Those who perform it will be made available to various modifications.  various tools which will create its own original world and prepare some traps they also will be available.

System requirements
� OS Windows 7 8
� Processor 2Ghz
� Disk space 300 MB

Clustertruck Game

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