Carnivores 2 Game

Review: Carnivores 2 Game (??????? 2 in Russian, also called Carnivores II, and frequently shortened to Carn2 or C2) is the sequel to Carnivores, and the second game in the Carnivores series. Its storyline is almost identical to Carnivores’, and the game gives the impression that DinoHunt Corp. has found new areas and dinosaurs and built new technology. Released on October 31, 1999.

Enter debugup during the game.
At the top there are coordinates and dinosaurs will not pay attention to the player at all but until you start shooting at them.  What can I do now
Ctrl – run faster
Shift S – Slower Move
Ctrl N – Long Jump
Shift T – show FPS
TAB – show the whole map

Carnivores 2 Game

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