Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Game

Review: Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Game an adventure puzzle platformer developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games.  The game was released on August 7 2013 for the Xbox Live Arcade and 3 September 2013 on Steam and PlayStation Network.

Gameplay of Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Game:

The gameplay is based on the interaction between the two brothers to each other and the world.  They overcome obstacles and solve puzzles by working together.  The player controls each brother separately via keyboard or gamepad allowing each character to move freely and individually.  Also there are individual action buttons for each brother.  NPC react differently with the interaction of each brother with them sometimes only one of the brothers can get specific information on the specific NPC.

The Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Game plot:

The story begins with a boy named Nai (Naiee) grieving over the tomb of his mother which he was trying to save but it was drowned in the sea.  His older brother Nye (Nyaa) calls him to help him drop off sick father to the doctor in the village.  The doctor says that the only way to defeat the disease – to bring water from the Tree of Life.  Brothers sent on a long journey.  Along the way they will like to meet a lot of dangers in the form of vicious ogres wolves or nightmares and help more friendly inhabitants.

During the trip the brothers get to the giant lock and release seriously wounded griffin which helps them before dying from injuries.  The heroes pass through the valley of the dead in a battle of giants and stumble upon a tribe of aborigines about to sacrifice a young girl.  Nai Nai and save her pretending to be god of the tribe and the stranger joins them saying that he knows how to get to the tree.  Along the way she begins to seduce Nye and eventually fall in love it in myself.  But it turns out spider-monster who lured to his cave and travelers ate.  Brothers manage to kill her but at the end of the battle she mortally wounds Nye.

Heroes finally find the Tree of Life and Nai gets to the top.  He collects the healing water and returned to the Naya remaining at the foot of the tree but finds his brother dead.  The healing water can not help and Nai mourning burying Nye before returning home to the gryphon flew unknown.  Because of the rain in his village there was a rush and Nai using the spirit of his mother and his brother’s voice finally defeats his fear of water and learn to swim.  He gives healing drink a doctor and his father is recovering.  Nai and dad gravestone erected in honor of Naya near the grave of his mother and his father is inconsolable crying Nai comforts him and looks into the distance and against the backdrop of rugged mountains flying griffin.

Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Game

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