Bomber Crew Game

Review: Free Download Bomber Crew Full Version PC Video Game Direct Link 100% Working Game For All Windows OS. Bomber Crew Full Version Free Download this game offers an intensive and strategic modeling experience allowing you to fully control the crew of the Lancaster bomber.  But the game does not always indicate further actions.  This guide will come to your rescue!

Bomber Crew Game Overview:

In Bomber Crew you have to manage your own bomber to accomplish all the tasks.  Pump crew members customize the appearance of the aircraft and monitor all indicators in flight.  And even if the pretty decoration does not embarrass you war is hard work.
Choosing the right equipment
For a while your access to the crew and aircraft equipment is very limited.  Most good things are blocked and you will not receive them just for passing the training.  But when you start getting rewards it’s best to first upgrade your plane because it’s the first to get hurt during a shootout.

The best quenching systems are an absolute necessity along with effective turrets.  It’s also a good idea to install equipment racks.  They not only increase the armor of your aircraft but also give you a place to store parachutes.  Parachutes are vital if you have to order everyone to jump.  The main thing is to equip your engineer with it so you can be sure of its survival.

There are some very important skills that can affect success or failure.  For example a Level 2 pilot learns the possibility of an emergency landing.  If you are faced with a problem or can not fire this ability really saves a life.  You still have the opportunity to make an emergency landing with an updated pilot even if he does not sit at the helm.  But if he does not have this skill it’s basically a death sentence for your crew and plane.

There are other less important skills such as the ability to engineer economics helping you burn less fuel.  Skill The gunner’s sight makes it easier to work with enemy fighters.

Mission Basics
You are given several missions to choose from right away so which is better to take first?  No matter how you attract more complex quests do not choose them yet.  It is much better to perform light tasks so you can raise the level of your team and use some money and intelligence.  This gives you a better chance of surviving in more complex missions later.  If members of your team die they return to level 1 and if your plane is destroyed it can not be repaired.

You have two main goals in your early missions complete the main task and return to the database intact.  If you completed the main quest but crash on the way back you still get money and rewards albeit less.

Bomber Crew Game

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