Black Mirror 3 Final Fear Game

Review: Black Mirror 3 Final Fear Game A computer game genre quest.  The game was created by the German company Cranberry Productions and released by dtp entertainment February 4 2011 in Germany and on April 15 2011 in the rest of Europe.

Plot Black Mirror 3 Final Fear Game:

The game will continue the storyline The Black Mirror 2. Darren looks back at the fire absorbed Black Mirror Castle holding a torch … So it is and the police.  The connectors snap handcuffs Darren assign to the site and begin to question but he did not react to that.  Three weeks later so nothing having achieved his release on bail from it.  Darren is now alone.  He needed to figure out what is it that happened then what he actually saw and for starters at least to find out who is the person that has made him a pledge.

More From Black Mirror 3 Final Fear Game:

Game portal StopGame praised the game 50 balls out of 100. Critics monotony and small differences from the second part of the game “In general we can not say that Black Mirror 3 was a disappointment compared to the previous part of the series.  The plot has acquired over time and lost in originality all other elements remain in their places.  The thing is that for the success of trikvelu not enough to repeat all the things that we have seen in the sequel.  And with developers svezhatinki problems “Gambling Magazine praised the game at 75 out of 100 balls saying.” The third and appears to the final part of the gloomy gothic stories about Gordon family curse.  No worse than the first two. ”  The gaming magazine PC Games praised the game at 7 balls 10. In general the author liked the game but he said that the game is far from the splendor of “interesting plot suffers from low dynamics tighten narration and simple puzzles cause drowsiness many references to previous parts introduced into  stupor even long-time fans of the series.  As a result instead of intense thriller we have a mystical story about spirits madness and ancient artifact. “1

Black Mirror 3 Final Fear Game

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