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Review: Assassins Creed Origins Free Download Full Version PC Game. Assassin’s Creed Origins Full Version Free Download in a single Direct Link 100% Working Game it is a multi platform computer game in the Action / RPG genre developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.  It is the tenth game from the eponymous series of games. The game was released on October 27 2017 on the platforms of Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Assassins Creed Origins Game Overview:

The game takes place in Hellenistic Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra.  The protagonist is Bayek – mejai who protects his people from threats.  The open world allows players to move freely around Egypt.  The game is reproduced from a third party and its world can be explored on foot on a horse on a camel or on a boat.

Assassins Creed Origins Game Innovations:

Instead of an eagle-eyed view the main character now has a manual eagle Senus with which you can explore the terrain tag enemies and places of interest;
The choice of the complexity of passing the game (simple ordinary complex);
There was an opportunity arbitrarily to change time of day;
The combat system has been reworked.  Bayek attacks opponents within the range of the animation of the attack and not in relation to any particular enemy (similarly with the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt);
Added a research mode that allows you to turn off opponents and gives you the opportunity to freely explore the world of Egypt with a virtual guide. 3

Assassins Creed Origins Game Plot:

The events of the game develop simultaneously in the present and in the past.  In the present time the player is controlled by the Egyptian researcher Layla Hassan who examines the memory of the last mejay Baiek from Siwa and his wife Aya from Alexandria.  Together they help Cleopatra in the civil war against her brother Ptolemy XIII and lay the foundations of the Assassin Brotherhood.

Characters Modern characters

  • Laila Hassan an Abstergo worker examines the tomb in which Bayek and Aya are buried.
  • Dina Jiri is an employee of Abstergo and a partner of William Miles is the Mussor of the Assassins.

Hellenistic Egypt:

  1. Bayek from Siva – the last mejay of Egypt later the head of the Assassins’ Bureau in Memphis.
  2. Aya from Alexandria is the wife of Baiek of Greek-Egyptian origin.  After the events of the game she abandoned her past and took the name Amunet.
  3. Cleopatra is the queen of Egypt.
  4. Ptolemy XIII – Pharaoh of Egypt brother and husband 
  5. Guy Julius Caesar is a Roman dictator.  Ally Cleopatra.
  6. Lucius Septimius is an approximate Caesar head of the Order of the Ancients.
  7. Mark Junius Brutus – an approximate Caesar in fact a member of the Roman Brotherhood of Assassins.
  8. Gnaeus Pompey the Great is a Roman general an enemy of Caesar.
  9. Eudor of Alexandria is a Greek royal scribe a member of the Order of the Ancients.
Assassins Creed Origins Game

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