Armed And Dangerous Game

Review: Armed & Dangerous – a computer game in the genre of a third-person shooter with elements of humor developed by Planet Moon Studios and published by LucasArts in 2003.  In Russia it was not officially published but was unofficially localized by Fargus Multimedia.

Gameplay Armed And Dangerous Game:

The gameplay is interesting enough but the lack of some missions is that they are repeated (monotonous repetition of the same idea many times).  Every few levels you will also have to blast massive waves of enemies with a protective turret but again sometimes these levels are a serious drawback of the game.

More From Armed And Dangerous Game:

Armed & Dangerous can boast that everything is collapsing.  Detailed graphics with animation sensitivity more fully shows this.  Also humorous voices behind the scenes support the style of comedy and rattling sound effects are more powerful in the game.  The game can boast of unusualness such as the soundtrack with the pieces of Scottish folk music.

Characters Armed And Dangerous Game:

     Roman – The protagonist protagonist who owns all kinds of weapons.
     Jones – Secondary protagonist protagonist owning a revolver and dynamite.
     Rexus – Secondary protagonist protagonist on the cover is depicted with a “double-barrel” but in the game itself appears only in cut scenes.
     Q1-11 – Secondary protagonist protagonist who owns only 6-barrel machinegun Minigun.
     King Forge is the main antagonist of the game the evil king dreaming of capturing the kingdom of Milo and building in his place a dreadful amusement park.  He also wants to flood and destroy Midden believing that he will remove a curse.

Armed And Dangerous Game

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