Aquaria Game

Review: Aquaria Game a computer game in the genre of two-dimensional scroller created by independent developer Bit Blot.  The release took place on December 7 2007 after two years of development.  Modified version of the game appeared in digital sales via Steam December 15 2008.  Album is the soundtrack for the game was released on November 14 2009.  Fully translated and voiced by the Russian version of the game appeared on sale February 26 2010.  Localization on the territory of Russia was engaged in the company Snowball Studios.

The Aquaria Game world and story:

The main character of the game – amphibious Naya exploring a huge underwater world of Aquaria.  While traveling she learns about the history of the world and of their own past.  Predatory monsters await a defenseless victim cursed the gods have hidden in abandoned temples and abandoned underwater city waiting for the return of its inhabitants.

More From Aquaria Game:

Naye to unravel the mystery of the disappeared people who once inhabited the world of Aquaria to meet the priests of a mysterious cult fight monsters from the depths of the sea and become better acquainted with the cruel and beautiful sea gods Aquaria.

At the very beginning of the game – prehistory.  The palace in the sky falls under the meteor rain.  On the screen appears a child running across the bridge.  Soon however with him falling meteor and the bridge collapses.  The noise of the water splashes the boy drowned the screen darkens.

During gameplay Naya travels Aquaria fighting monsters.  It may takes various forms each of which has its own advantages.  Only after collecting all these guises can defeat the final boss.

There is also a version of the game for IPad and a bonus “Angry Li” in which Lee submersible floats over obstacles to free Nayyu.  Complete the episode without damage is very difficult.

Aquaria Game

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