Kings Of Kung Fu Game

Review: Kings Of Kung Fu Game is an actor whose film career has taken shape  In the Hong Kong film industry.  Also there are variants of the name – Chan Sing Chen Sing.

Biography Kings Of Kung Fu Game:

Chen Xing was born in 1940 in Singapore.  At the age of four he moved to Hainan with his parents.  Educated in the village of Wen Chan.  In high school he studied at the first high school in Haikou.  Later he entered the university and then in 1958 moved to Hong Kong where he worked at the Shaw Brothers studio from 1969 to 1972.  After appearing in several films and performing small roles in them he left the studio in 1972.  After that he gets the first major role in the film Blood Fists (1972).  The film became a hit after which the actor began to receive major roles both at large film studios and independent ones.  During this period he also replenished his income by working as an instructor in physical training and martial arts in the prison system of Hong Kong.

Also as actors Bai Ying and Chen Hongle (English) Russian Chen was noted as being invited to the same type of villain roles from the beginning of his career.  His southeast Asian facial features mustache and strength singled it out among the other actors approved by the major Hong Kong film studios.  He was given the role of secret agents fighting gangsters in the film Cool guy (1972) or with Japanese saboteurs (Invisible Fist (1972) Wind of Fury (1973)).

From the late 1970’s to early 1980’s except for Hong Kong starred in a number of low-budget films in Taiwan.  In 1982 starred in the film John Woo Plain Jane to the Rescue having performed in it a small role.

In the early 1990s shortly before the end of Hong Kong’s status as a British colony Chen decided to leave Hong Kong cinema.  Having married in 1996 he moved with his wife and young son first to Indonesia and then to Vancouver where he lives to this day.

Kings Of Kung Fu Game

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