Fortix 2 Game

Review: Fortix 2 Game A multi-platform computer game in the genre puzzle-platformer with elements of survival horror developed by the independent Danish studio Playdead.  The project was announced in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and released on July 21 2010.  Over the next three years the game was ported to the platform such as the Mac OS X Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 Linux Vita iOS and Android.

Technically the project is a 2D side-scroller which uses the Box2D physics engine allows you to manage objects of the environment and character.  The protagonist is a little boy who is looking for his sister.  The game world which is assumed to some observers is a Catholic limb filled with numerous traps.  Studio gameplay style called the project ‘trial and death “- in the main character because of the bad decisions the player constantly dying during gameplay.  Limbo established in monochromatic black and white minimalist surroundings and ambient sound.

The Fortix 2 Game has received numerous awards in the gaming festivals and conferences including the best visual style technical performance sound and was nominated for “Game of the Year” award.  The project was highly otsen?n gaming journalists and columnists.  Most reviewers liked the graphic design simple operation and in-game puzzles.  However the story was perceived ambiguously some critics have found in it a hidden meaning while others considered it too fragmentary and not giving a full idea about the game.  Many observers also negatively perceived short duration of the project.  Total has sold over a million copies of Limbo which brought developers to eight million dollars in revenue.

Fortix 2 Game

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